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Japanese Knives

Japanese Knives

Excellent choice when preparing sushi and vegetables. Molybdenum/ Vanadium s/s blades for excellent edge retention, razor sharp edges, slip resistant wooden handles. The blades are sharpened with the traditional Japanese single bevel to improve sharpness. The large beveled one-sided edge is much thinner than a two-sided edge. This thinner, sharper edge makes for cleaner cuts through the soft flesh of fish, in particular. Using these knives will avoid bruising the delicate texture of raw fish and destroying the freshness of the fish. The thinner edge is more fragile than the edge on western knives. Do not use for cutting anything solid including larger fish bones. Due to the special blade sharpening and s/s used we highly recommend to only hand wash and dry the blades thoroughly immediately.

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Stainless Steel, Wood Steel 2 Sizes

€ 44,90 - € 60,90

Stainless Steel, Wood Steel 30,0 cm

€ 34,90

Stainless Steel, Wood Steel 39,4 cm

€ 56,50

Stainless Steel, Wood Steel 3 Sizes

€ 34,90 - € 52,90

Stainless Steel, Wood Steel 4 Sizes

€ 39,50 - € 48,90

Stainless Steel, Wood Steel 2 Sizes

€ 41,50 - € 46,90
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