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Discover all the Paderno knives lines. Professional and high-quality tools that are the perfect synthesis between comfort and cutting precision.

Forged knives

Professional knives line, made of a single bar of steel. Ergonomic design, perfect grip and chef-like results.

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Stamped knives

This line of professional cutlery reduces the risk of cross-contamination through the use of a Colour Coding System that identifies each knife for a specific use. Exceptional hardness and high resistance to corrosion.

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Special knives

Knife sharpeners, skewers, meat tenderizers and much more. Complementary tools to meet every kitchen task, even the most specific ones.

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Sushi knives

Excellence for sushi and vegetable preparation. As Japanese tradition demands, the sharpening is one-sided and the edge is much thinner than the one of a regular Western knife sharpening, making the cuts sharper and more precise.

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