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Certified quality

We identify new improvement goals and turn our choices into reality thanks to certified management methods, a coordinated and punctual workflow, dedicated teams and the constant advice of accredited authority.

Certified quality


Responsible consumption

We use clean and renewable energy sources such as methane and electricity, or resources to be returned to the environment completely intact – as in the case of the groundwater used in our plant, which is constantly analyzed and monitored by our laboratory.

Person security as a priority

We define and keep updated high safety standards in favour of our employees and the entire working environment, also going beyond the regulations, according to a long-term projection that is indispensablein our Group vision. This policy is widespread in all our production sites and in 2016 it let us earned a special mention from Confindustria and INAL Italia, for the promotion of "Total Safety Management".

Social Responsibility

Thanks to the Corporate Social Responsibility requirements we have pursued over the years and the commitment required also from international suppliers and partners, we are now able to offer guarantees to customers, employees, the market, the community and the territory as well as institutions and authorities. It means further protection in respect of the common interests and in consideration of the principles of legality and protection of human rights.

Adequate and quality products

Our products are safe for food contact thanks to quality requirements observed along the entire supply chain. From the application of HACCP to the hygienic-sanitary regulations established by the highest international standard, up to packaging in compliance with customs standards, for fast shipping and delivery.

Certified internal analyses

Thanks to our certified Accredia laboratory, ASEC Lab – Alimentary Security Control, we are able to guarantee the suitability and safety of each of our articles placed on the market, both direct and distributed. We can also issue conformity declarations on steel, aluminum, porcelain, glass, plastic and colorants internationally recognized.
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