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Steel Frying Pans

Steel Frying Pans

Iron is ideal for cooking at high temperatures because its low capacity of heat transmission prevents temperature leaps. As it is non-stick, food does not stick to it. It withstands very high temperatures and improves its performance with use. Iron pans are perfect for fried food, omelettes or fine crêpes. Wash the black iron pan in water as little as possible and always keep it greased. Iron pans are ideal also for cooking on induction hobs.

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Iron Black 2 Sizes

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Iron Non Stick Black 38,0 cm x 26,0 cm

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Iron Black 10 Sizes

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Iron Black 3 Sizes

€ 17,50 - € 21,90

Iron Black Ø 12,0 cm - h 2,0 cm

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Iron Black 5 Sizes

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Iron Black 10 Sizes

€ 14,50 - € 72,90

Iron Grey 2 Sizes

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Iron Grey 5 Sizes

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Iron Tinned Grey 5 Sizes

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Silicone Red Ø 20,0 cm

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Iron pans for healthy and tasty cuisine

Iron frying pans are long-lasting, versatile and healthy, allowing you to cook your favourite food tastefully and perfectly. Iron frying pans are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable, versatile and healthy pan. With proper care, they can last for decades and offer excellent cooking results.

An overview of the main iron frying pans

If you are looking for iron cooking utensils, besides the frying pans on this page, here are some recommendations for you: 

  • Steak pans, ideal for home BBQ and for preparing steaks, burgers and grilled meat.
  • Frying pans for crepes, for cooking thin, crispy crepes without them sticking to the surface.
  • Lyonnaise pans, known as lion-shaped frying pans, ideal for slow cooking.
  • Wok, used for preparing oriental food, for frying and also for sautéing pasta with sauce.
  • Accessories for Ethnic Cuisine, to cook tasty oriental recipes
  • Bread moulds, for perfect baking of cassette or homemade bread.
  • Baking pans, for baking pizzas, buns, cakes and meat.

Why iron frying pans are excellent for cooking

An iron frying pan makes the most of the properties of the material of which it is made:

  • Iron promotes the Maillard reaction, the one that produces a delicious crust when browning meat and fish, a sort of caramelisation. 
  • The Lyonnaise frying pan is excellent for browning roasts and braised meats to perfection and those preparations that continue cooking in a casserole or oven, whether for meat such as roasts, chops, cutlets, skewers, T-bone steaks and steaks, or for fish such as salmon, gilthead bream, king prawns-
  • The iron wok is perfect for stir-frying, from rice to pasta, from vegetables to roasted seeds
  • Iron allows you to reach high temperatures quickly and keep them constant, so it is perfect for frying and for heating oil and keeping it at the right temperature.
  • Iron frying pans are suitable for all hobs - gas, induction, electric and glass ceramic.
  • The iron frying pan can also be used in a conventional oven (not in a microwave oven), just make sure that the handle is also made of iron, and do not put it in the oven when it is already hot, but heat it up at the same time, to preserve the pan from temperature changes.

The advantages of an iron frying pan

Compared to cooking utensils made of other materials, iron frying pans offer the following advantages:

  • Durability: iron withstands high temperatures and frequent use. With proper care, an iron pan can last for decades.
  • Thermal conductivity: iron is a very efficient heat conductor, which means that iron pans heat up quickly and evenly.
  • Non-stick: iron pans can be seasoned to develop a natural non-stick patina.
  • Versatility: Iron frying pans are suitable for a variety of cooking techniques, including simmering, simmering and frying. They are also suitable for cooking a variety of dishes, from fried foods to sauces.
  • Health: Iron pans do not release harmful chemicals into food, such as PFOA and PTFE. This makes them a healthy choice for those concerned about their health.

The disadvantages of an iron frying pan are:

  • Weight: due to the solidity of the material, iron frying pans can be heavy to handle.
  • Maintenance: iron frying pans require minimal maintenance, although hand washing and careful drying after use can make them last a long time.

Choose Paderno iron frying pans

How to choose the right iron frying pan?

Here are some elements to consider when choosing a good iron frying pan:

  • Size: Paderno iron frying pans come in different sizes, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs in the kitchen.
  • Thickness: a good thickness of iron frying pans affects heat distribution.

Care and maintenance of iron frying pans

  • Iron pans require minimal maintenance to keep them free of oxidation and rust. 
  • To keep them in good condition after each use, it is important to wash them by hand with warm water and dry them thoroughly after each wash.
  • When first used, proceed with the so-called burnishing, i.e. wash the pan with hot water and soap, grease it with oil and heat it for a few minutes; then heat it over a low heat for half an hour (or transfer it to an oven at 200°C) until it takes on a dark patina, finally blot it with paper towels and allow it to cool.
  • Avoid direct contact of the iron surface with acidic foods such as vinegar, lemon juice, tomato.

Iron pans for professional needs

Paderno is a leading brand of cookware and kitchen tools. Paderno offers a wide range of iron pans, made of high-quality materials and designed to last. Paderno items are designed both for the needs of professional chefs and for the pleasure of gourmet enthusiasts.

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