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Arthur Krupp

The Arthur Krupp brand targets the professional catering industry, meeting all their needs with its highly resistant but elegant porcelain, its finest quality stainless steel flatware and its wide range of holloware. Its comprehensive offer combined with the excellent craftsmanship and the shapes that suit any tabletop make our brand a leader in the professional food service and hotel industry.

New moods for a contemporary table

Each pattern developed with a wide range of items. The subtle white surfaces have been combined with the latest expertise and production technology to obtain 3D decorations.



Arthur Krupp introduces a comprehensive range of items in porcelain made in Germany and bone china. The high-quality materials and the reinforced edges make these items extremely resistant against chipping, giving them the distinctive features of versatility and durability for daily use.
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Practical elegance

Coffe & Tea

Whether for breakfast, brunch or happy hour, during a business lunch or a romantic candlelight dinner, all table settings will be stylish and chic. Available in classic stainless steel, elegant silverplated and modern pvd colours.
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Whether it is salt or pepper, often a few grains have the power to enrich and bloom the soul of a dish. The internal mechanism is the heart of the mill. Carbon steel for pepper, protects the grinder from oxidation, guaranteeing sharpness and resistance to wear. Ceramic resists to salt corrosion.
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Table Mats

To dress your tables elegantly both indoors and outdoors. Timeless shades, metallic and unique styles for a luxurious finish. To ensure that table surfaces are protected from scratches, leaks and heat.

Resistance and Hardness

Arthur Krupp porcelain has a very high degree of hardness, it is even harder than standard steel. This results from very careful firing, as porcelain is left even more than 50 hours in high-temperature kilns through different cycles. After drying, porcelain items are first fired at 1,000 °C for 8 to 24 hours. The second firing takes place after glazing at a temperature above 1,400°C for about 30 hours. Through the excellent fusion of ingredients, the porcelain acquires its characteristics of hardness, texture, lack of porosity and resistance to shocks and thermal shocks.

Hard Porcelain

Resulting from the combination of three raw materials (kaolin, quartz and feldspar), porcelain has now reached a higher level of quality. The plant of the Group in Selb, Upper Franconia, is indeed renowned for its feldspathic porcelain, a special type of white porcelain that is very compact, resistant and shiny at the same time.


The peculiar white collections by Arthur Krupp stand out for the uniqueness of their perfectly smooth surfaces, which result from the perfect fusion of glaze with the porcelain structure. Skillful glazing and in-glaze firing are still one ofthe main qualities of the products as they preserve the collections over time.


In order to ensure quality, Arthur Krupp systematically monitors the manufacturing stages of its products by internally overseeing the process of procurement and preparation of raw materials, by maintaining know-how in mould production and by autonomously developing industrialisation for all its collections. The company also includes an analysis laboratory that can certify the high quality and safety standards of the brand by carrying out tests identifying the strengths and any weaknesses of a product. The monitoring, recording and control procedures adopted allow planning real time corrective measures for each production stage.

Food Safety

Arthur Krupp porcelain is food safe as it complies with the limits for lead and cadmium release set out by FDA regulations (USA), by DIN standard no.51031(EC) and the 84/500 ECC directive. The company scrupulously conforms to safety parameters not only to the benefit of the professional industry its products are intended for, but also, and foremost, of final users.

Design and Functionality

Arthur Krupp channels the expertise and know-how acquired through manyyears in the business of tableware, cutlery and holloware also into professional porcelain. Shape is the highest expression of technique, style and product functionality. Each collection is conceived and designed based on the deep knowledge of the needs of top-level hotels and restaurants.

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