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Paderno is partner of White Truffle Fair in Alba

Not only Paderno offers a selection of tools dedicated to truffles. The brand is a partner of the White Truffle Fair in Alba. For excellence in the kitchen!


White Truffle Fair in Alba

Since 2019, the Paderno brand is a partner of the Alba White Truffle Fair, a showcase of Italian excellence known throughout the world and a key reference point for chefs and enthusiasts. The rich calendar of events and cooking workshops - between the town of Alba and the charming Roddi Castle - features Paderno cooking equipment. The full calendar of events is available on the official website
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Truffle recipe by Andrea Larossa

An explosion of flavours, made by chef Andrea Larossa durante during his masterclass at Castello di Roddi, one of events organized by Fiera del Tartufo, using Paderno professional tools. An experience that all participants, and their mouths, will remember for a long time.

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