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March, the 17th

World Cake Day

Celebrate World Cake Day, try your hand at baking a cake together with your family or friends

March, the 17th

World Cake Day

History of the anniversary

Since 2015, 17 March has represented World Cake Day; the aim of this day is to spread the pleasure and joy of baking cakes, handmade, at home, to those people who are less used to doing so during the year. The idea of uniting family or friends around a table and baking biscuits or a cake with one's own hands is the intrinsic spirit of this day. All you need is creativity, a willingness to experiment and a good dose of cheerfulness - in the kitchen, cheerfulness is always a key ingredient.

Essential pastry tools

Depending on the recipes, some tools may differ, but for most preparations there are common utensils. Below we present the main and most frequently used ones, which cannot be missed!

A never-ending love: the apple pie

Let's see together the steps to follow for preparing the authentic apple pie

An easy and tasty recipe

A classic dessert that brings back memories, loved by everyone and relatively easy to prepare. It can please everyone, from adults to children, and is enjoyable both at breakfast and as a dessert at the end of a meal.

Preparation and tips

The preparation of the dough involves first whipping the eggs, then adding milk, sugar and finally melted butter. Then, little by little, it is the turn of the flour and finally baking powder, all to be mixed until a homogeneous dough is obtained. Next, cut half a peeled apple into pieces and add it to the dough; the rest of the apples will be used to decorate the top of our cake. For baking use a cake tin appropriate for the size of the cake you are preparing, on average for an 8 portion cake we recommend a 24cm cake tin. After greasing and flouring the inside of the cake tin it is time to pour in the batter and decorate the top with peeled and thinly sliced apples, adding caster sugar to taste. To finish, bake for 45 minutes in the oven.
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