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Potato peeler

Potato peeler

A must-have tool in the kitchen. Paderno potato peelers are suitable for peeling tubers like potatoes, vegetables like carrots, courgettes and cucumbers, or even fruit like avocados and apples.

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Stainless Steel, Polypropylene Steel 19,5 cm


Stainless Steel Steel 19,5 cm


Stainless Steel


Versatile and always reliable potato peelers

Effective, efficient and time-saving tools. Essential in the kitchen, Paderno potato peelers are a true ally in the preparation of every dish. 

Why choose a potato peeler for your kitchen

The potato peeler is the cooking utensil used to remove the peel from potatoes. It consists of a blade, which can be fixed or movable, attached to a handle. It is used by placing it on the surface of the potato, applying just the right amount of pressure so that the peel is removed evenly, resulting in a potato that is free of peel residue and ready for cooking.

How many types of potato peeler do exist?

There are different types of peelers, with different features and functions:

  • Manual potato peelers are the most popular as they are easier to use and need minimal maintenance. They are perfect for use both at home and in large kitchens due to their handiness and the skill of the chefs.
  • Electric potato peelers can be more efficient to use if, for example, large quantities of potatoes need to be peeled in a short time.

How best to use the potato peeler

Our tips for using and keeping your potato peeler in perfect condition.

  • Keep the peeler sharp to peel the potato evenly.
  • Wash the potatoes thoroughly under running water before peeling them, so as to remove any soil residue and not to damage the blades of the peeler.
  • When peeling the potato, do not press too hard and avoid damaging the potato flesh.
  • When peeling the skin, rotate the blade firmly but gently, keeping the blade always in contact with the skin.
  • Always remove the peel evenly, so that the potato is smooth: it will cook evenly and will also be nice to serve!

Choose Paderno potato peelers

Paderno utensils are always the perfect choice to accompany you in the kitchen.

The advantages of Paderno potato peelers

If you are considering buying Paderno potato peelers, here are the reasons why you should choose these tools:

  • High-quality materials: Paderno potato peelers are made from high-quality, wear- and corrosion-resistant steel.
  • Always sharp blades: the blades of Paderno peelers are always sharp and ensure that the peel is removed evenly and precisely.
  • Ergonomics: Paderno peelers have a firm and comfortable grip during use.
  • Easy to clean: Paderno peelers are easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Tools complementary to potato peelers

If you need tools for your kitchen for tasks related to peeling and paring potato, consider exploring other Paderno tools such as:

  • Kitchen knives, for cutting potatoes, vegetables and greens into small pieces and then cooking them
  • Cutting boards , for holding potatoes, fruit and vegetables while peeling.
  • Baking pans, to bake potatoes and prepare every delicacy.
  • Other vegetable cutters and peelers and cutters to complete your kitchen equipment, including apple corers, cheese slicers, asparagus peelers, tomato peelers, orange peelers and courgette peelers.

The reliability of Paderno tools

Paderno is a leading Italian brand of high-quality cookware and kitchen utensils. Paderno potato peelers, as well as all Paderno cooking tools, are designed to be used by every professional in the restaurant industry as well as by chefs and enthusiasts. Functional, practical and long-lasting kitchen tools.

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