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Nutmeg grinders

Nutmeg grinders

Nutmeg mills grind nutmeg finely and evenly to preserve the uniqueness and delicacy of its aroma. Choose nutmeg grinders supplied by Paderno and add incomparable fragrance to your recipes.

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Wood Light Wood + 1 Color h 15,0 cm


Wood Black + 1 Color h 15,0 cm


PMMA, Stainless Steel Steel


Wood, Stainless Steel Chocolate




PMMA Transparent


Shop for the best nutmeg grinder

A nutmeg grinder is the perfect tool for add this spice to your dishes, both sweet and savoury. Nutmeg grinders are practical tools to use and beautiful to look at. Their design, traditional or modern, is developed to best support the grinding of nutmeg. The grinding mechanism must therefore always allow a perfect milling.

How to use nutmeg in cooking

Nutmeg is a tasty and versatile spice, which is obtained from the kernel of the fruit of the Mirstica fragrans, a plant native to Indonesia. With its intense and strong aroma, slightly spicy and sweetish aftertaste, it can be well combined with both sweet and savoury dishes, as well as hot and cold dishes. You can therefore use it

  • to give special flavour to creams such as béchamel sauce, mashed potatoes, vegetable sauces
  • to season meat recipes such as meatballs or roasts
  • to add taste to vegetable-based  soups
  • to combine with other spices in Middle Eastern, Indonesian and Indian recipes.

Tips for using nutmeg in cooking

Nutmeg is a tasty and distinctive spice with a very intense flavour, so there is no need to overdo it. It should always be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light.

Choose a nutmeg grinder by Paderno

Nutmeg grinders available at Paderno are the best choice for your kitchen. Peugeot and Arthur Krupp nutmeg grinders allow for impeccable grinding and preserve the typical qualities of nutmeg, so that it can be used in dishes and recipes while expressing its unmistakable, tasty fragrance to the full.

How to choose the best nutmeg grinder

If you are considering buying a nutmeg grinder, please consider the following points:

  • Material and durability: grinders are available in numerous materials, from traditional wood or the more modern steel or acrylic.
  • Grind setting mechanism: the adjustment allows you to choose the size of the ground nutmeg, so that you can select the desired size.
  • Ease of use: think about your needs in the kitchen and choose a nutmeg grinder that provides a firm and secure grip during operation, as well as being easy to use and to store in the kitchen.
  • Style and design: choose a nutmeg grinder that is both functional and stylish to bring to the table.

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