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May, the 28th

World hamburger day

The first classic hamburger made its debut in 1904 at the St. Louis fair, in the USA. Below its characteristics

May, the 28th

World hamburger day

From Germany to the USA

History of the hamburger

Its name derives from Hamburg, a German city from which many emigrants left for America during the 1800s; on board, they used to eat a dish of minced meat while sailing. The hamburger known as it is now began to spread in the early 1900s when the 'Hamburg steak' ('Hamburger steak') was popular in Hamburg, which emigrants brought to the United States and began to spread. With the rise of American giants such as Mc Donald's and Burger King came the consecration of this dish as it gradually became more American than European.

Hamburger preparation

Three steps can sum up the preparation of the classic burger

With which filling?

Thanks to the possibility to custom your hamburger as much as you want, recipes are infinite; some might prefer to put some vegetables, whereas others love the pairing with the cheese. And you, how do you fill your hamburger?

Latest trends

Despite being a succulent product, it is best not to abuse it, especially those prepared non-artisanally where the supply chain is not always clearly traced. In addition, the excess of condiments (salt, sauces) has repercussions on calorie intake and consequently effects the health of those who abuse them. In recent times, the hamburger is constantly being revisited, from the simple decomposed hamburger to the combination with exotic and complex foods, far removed from the original recipe. Also from overseas is the 'pizza burger' trend, nothing more than a hybrid of the two dishes that aims to convince lovers of both. Finally, as with many other specialities, vegetarian and vegan variants have been created to meet everyone's needs.
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