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The Art of Mixology

Tools and accessories to make every happy hour trendy and cool.


The Art of Mixology

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A wide selection of mixology tools, designed to combine ease of use with efficiency and style.

Stainless Steel Mirror + 1 Color


Stainless Steel Mirror Copper + 1 Color


Stainless Steel Mirror Copper + 1 Color


Stainless Steel Mirror Gold + 1 Color



Cocktails ideas


Our tips for a stylish toast


Stylish and multipurpose

The Mixing Glass is the must-have tool for all cocktails that must not be shaken but only mixed. It should always be filled with ice for three quarters and combined with a strainer, in order to mix and pour the cocktail in the glass.

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Mixology Night

In Flair Bartending, the preparation of cocktails becomes an acrobatic show. Paderno is at the service of every performer!

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