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Truffle accessories

Truffle accessories

Paderno's best accessories for preserving truffles. Store it, slice it and bring this delicacy to the table with quality and highly functional truffle accessories.

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The best truffle tools by Paderno

Preserve, cut and serve truffles at their best. Paderno provides the proper tools to preserve this delicacy, as well as professional truffle accessories for chefs and enthusiasts. 

Truffle storage accessories

The truffle is a very delicate product so it is essential to store it correctly to preserve its freshness and flavour. A storage container for truffles keeps truffles cool and dry. The Tuberpack container consists of a transparent protective plastic cylinder that allows you to see the truffle without having to touch it, which makes it hygienic. It can then be placed in a closed (non-vacuum sealed) bag to prevent excessive weight reduction of the truffle.

Truffle slicing accessories

Truffles are cut into slivers or grated onto main courses, or used to add flavour as a condiment for first courses, second dishes or dips. The truffle slicer is the indispensable tool for cutting truffles into thin, even slices. If made of stainless steel it is robust, hygienic and resistant to corrosion and wear. It is ideal for slicing truffles directly onto pasta dishes, risotto or meat tartare.

Truffle serving accessories

To serve truffles with elegance directly on the table, you can use a chopping board with a truffle-cutting blade. The wooden cutting board provides a secure surface with a cloche that protects the truffle from the action of the air. The truffle slicer can then be pulled out for cutting the flakes, and immediately put away without taking up space on the table.

Other truffle accessories

There are many kitchen accessories that can be useful for truffle preparation, such as:

  • Cutting boards: a wooden or other material board can be used to hold the truffle during cleaning or cutting, or even to serve it at the table.
  • Knives: using a good knife with a well-sharpened blade, the truffle can eventually be cut into small pieces.
  • Cookware: truffles add a touch of flavour to finely cooked recipes. Explore all Paderno product collections dedicated to cooking.

Paderno and the truffle

Paderno offers a selection of products dedicated to the truffle.

Why choose high-quality truffle accessories

The main difference between the black truffle and the white truffle, besides variety, colour and scent, is their use in cooking. The white truffle is at its best only when raw, added grated or flaked over the course as a final touch. Black truffles, on the other hand, do not lose their flavour during cooking. This is why it is essential to be aware of the storage of truffles and how to serve them at the table.

The advantages of Paderno truffle accessories

The choice of truffle accessories depends on your needs or preferences. If you are looking for truffle tools, remember to:

  • Consider the type of truffle: black truffles and white truffles have different sizes and shapes, and should not be mixed together.
  • Consider frequency of use: if you use truffles often in cooking or at the table, it is important to choose truffle accessories that will last.
  • Choose quality products: Paderno truffle accessories represent the best value for money and functionality.

Paderno is partner of the White Truffle Fair in Alba

Since 2019, Paderno is a partner of the Alba White Truffle Fair, a showcase of Italian excellence known throughout the world and a key reference point for chefs and enthusiasts. The rich calendar of events and cooking workshops - between the town of Alba and the charming Roddi Castle - features Paderno cooking equipment. The full calendar of events is available on the official website

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