A complete range for every need in the kitchen.


From the cookware to the kitchen utensils, then knives, bakery items and tools for every kind of preparation, Paderno offers a complete selection for the best kitchens of houses and restaurants.

A brand that finds its origins back in 1925 in Milan as “Alluminio Paderno”, specializing in household cookware before it decided to focus on the professional cooking world. With over 90 years of history and a strong worldwide presence, Paderno is the premier choice for professionals in the catering sector. In addition to the production items, the brand offers a remarkable range of complementary articles, carefully selected and crafted by highly qualified companies.

The 1997 saw the set-up of Sambonet Paderno Industrie S.p.A., following the acquisition of Sambonet by Paderno s.r.l.. Since the mid-nineteenth century, Sambonet has been a standard-bearer for Italian excellence throughout the world, producing flatware and holloware in silver-plated and stainless steel, from a classic to a modern and design-driven style. In 2001, Paderno and Sambonet arrived in Orfengo (Novara), where the headquarters of the Group were set up in a new and modern plant designed by architect Enrico Frigerio. This facility houses not only the factory, the warehouse and a modern laboratory, but also the showroom, the outlet store and a recreation area for staff.

In 2009, the acquisition of the prestigious German company Rosenthal permits Sambonet Paderno Industrie S.p.A. to enhance its brand portfolio (Sambonet, Paderno and Arthur Krupp) with the addition of leading names in the porcelain sector, such as Rosenthal, Thomas, Hutschenreuther and, in 2013, Arzberg.

The Italian Group now plays a leading role in the production of top-quality items for the tabletop and the kitchen, aimed at covering all the needs required by the market.

Paderno, more than 10.000 items dedicated to chefs and passionate gourmands.