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Wood Essence

Wood Essence

Wood Essence recalls, on porcelain surfaces, the essence and intensity of mature woods. Grains that reveal a pleasant play of shiny and opaque. An effect that is barely perceptible but which adds a touch of refinement to the simplest - but noble - of materials.

6 Results

Porcelain Brown 33,0 cm x 21,0 cm

€ 58,50

Porcelain Brown

€ 219,90

Porcelain Brown Ø 32,0 cm

€ 134,90

Porcelain Brown 3 Sizes

€ 13,90 - € 33,50

Porcelain Brown 35,0 cm x 22,0 cm

€ 58,90

Porcelain Brown Ø 22,0 cm

€ 19,50
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